Front Slit

Wearing: J Brand Jeans | Alexander Wang Pumps | She Inside Sweatshirt | ASOS Baseball Cap

J Brand hits the nail on the head with these front slit wax skinny jeans that I really can't get enough of. I attempted to slit my own jeans in the front after seeing this style in Elin Kling's Nowhere collection a while back...but it was an epic fail. So happy I found this awesome pair and can't wait to wear them more. These are also my new wang heels, how cool is the green?
Sorry I've been MIA this week - I've been dealing with some personal things :/ Anyway, it's a gorgeous day in NYC which is a great change from the freezing cold weather - so happy to not be wearing a jacket! 



Wearing: The Cut Tee | Work Custom Pants | Zara Jacket | Alexander Wang Heels | 3.1 Phillip Lim Bag

This look I wore the other day defines what I loved so much about visiting Stockholm, Sweden this past summer - the fashion. Skinny pants, pointy toe heels, a casual tee, and long sleek coat (with a little New York edge). Crossing my fingers that I'll get to travel back to that amazing place again this summer for Stockholm Fashion Week. But first, NYFW... ah so soon!


Outfits | Fav

My latest outfits from the past month (yes, I was cold during all of these shots). Which one is you're favorite? I always want to try new things while sticking to my personal style - this month I was clearly into slouchy pants and comfy sweatshirts. Also - I was thinking of joining Keek, so follow my account to see the first post later today! 


Brooklyn Shares

Wearing: Reformation Sweatshirt - Similar | F21 Pants | Jennifer Zeuner SnakeBar, Nameplate Necklaces | Leather Cap | Acne Boots | Carrera Sunnies 

Yesterday I did the unthinkable (kidding, sort of) and traveled into Brooklyn to visit my favorite vintage factory, Nifty Thrifty. I used my credits - which is all thanks to you guys for signing up (here) - and picked up some pretty great pieces including a Penny Lane like coat and an awesome plaid blazer. Can't wait to share them with you... Speaking of sharing, a few of my friends have been raving about how great Forever21 has been lately, so the other day I checked it out myself. These floral pants and a printed bomber jacket later, I concur. You never know where you'll find great clothes guys (one of my fashion mottos). 

BTW: a bunch of you have been commenting about how cold I must be, and you're absolutely right. Just so ya know, I've been wearing a fur/down jacket every single day. I've simply been throwing it off for a quick outfit shot (because obviously what's under is more important). So you're welcome, for freezing my ass off for a little bit everyday in the name of fashion haha. 


Street Style'ing

Wearing: Iro Jacket | Current/Elliot Jeans | H&M Shoes (in stores) | Topman Beanie  

How to: street style edition. With fashion week glaring from us around the corner, the pressure is on the capture the attention of the Tommy Tons and other notable camera lenses outside the tents. In this how to, I'd like to discuss the photograph ready street style walk. When prancing up the steps into the valley of street style photographers (outside Lincoln Center), one should chant in their head "boom boom boom boom..." This is totally replacing "strut strut..." because strut is just a little too sissy for my liking. I'm talking beat pounding fierce steps that scream confidence and you better photograph me as you walk by. I like to compare this attitude to the one when I was 17 and getting into clubs as if I belonged there. If you walk the walk...well, the rest will follow.


Outfit | CPW

Ah slouchy leather pants, how I love thee. Before this look even became a trend, I'm proud to say I was ordering my leather pants in about 3 sizes too big (just to get this look). Now thanks to the likes of Vince, Phillip Lim, Mango, and H&M - you can get this look at any price. I paid Singer22 a visit while visiting my family at home over the weekend, and fell head over heels for these Vince slouchy leather pants, as well as this Iro jacket (and another others you'll see later this week). I know the pants seem to hurt your wallet a bit, but TRUST ME, they're worth it. CPW: Cost Per Wear people. 


Céline Me Alone

Wearing: Céline Tee | Zara Blazer - Similar | Reformation Pants - Similar | Topshop Shoes | Vanessa Mooney Rings 

Today is the start of a bitter cold week, which even though means my boyfriend can't complain about me wearing faux fur, simply sucks. I took these pics last week when the weather seemed like the start of Spring - and now with a total 360, it's below 20 degrees - you're so weird mother nature. Anyways, I had a very intimate conversation with a few friends the other day over what we're going to do in the summer (in regards to head dressing). I've been wearing beanies almost everyday this season and have gotten way too used to them. So slowly but surely I'll start to let my locks naturally flow (to get over my beanie addiction) before the warm weather hits again. 



Wearing: Opening Ceremony Dress | Sandro Jacket - Similar | Rag&Bone Hat | Acne Boots  

This is from a while back, but I'm seriously obsessed with the collaboration that Chloe Sevigny did with Opening Ceremony. The dress I'm wearing is one of the many I missed out on when it first came out (borrowed this from a friend of course). I've been crazy busy recently getting ready for fashion week coming up soon and some really exciting project I can't wait to share with you guys!  


Insta Friends

graphic by Kristyn 

What began as a normal Sunday night at Goldbar, quickly turned into my first encounter with an Insta Friend... It was long overdue and much anticipated: this was a familiar feeling, one I may have felt a few years back over a Facebook friend. "OMG I can't believe it's actually you, it's about time we met!" I screamed of sheer joy at first sight. She was exactly how I imagined her to be, in all of her (for lack of a better word) fashionable glory. My acquaintance responded the same, and we bantered back and forth about how obsessed we were with each other's style. We had seen the likes, read the comments, and had screen-shot only the best for outfit inspiration.

So, shall we define it?

Insta Friend
          a person you are "friends" with on Instagram, but do not actually know

Now like all other terms, there are exceptions to this definition. For example, my insta friend was a mutual one I had known for a while now (since high school), and she knew me. Of course it sounds creepy, but that's social media these days. Everyday if the instagrammer chooses to do so, we are given an inside look into that persons life, as if we were right there beside them. Where they are, what they're wearing, eating, buying, and so on. So although we sort of knew each other outside the Instagram realm, we were none the less...insta friends. It happens to the best of us. We click to follow, quickly become obsessed, and suddenly feel like we really know the person! With over 48,000 Instagram followers (and counting), I'll randomly run into that girl on the street who knows what I wore yesterday and what I ate for dinner, who will think of me as a friend. And guess what, I couldn't be more okay with that.

Come on guys, let's be friends... @weworewhat

Dungaree Dressing

Wearing: H&M Blouse | Vintage Overalls - Similar | Theysken's Theory Shoes - Similar 

Look mah, no beanie! I've been getting a bunch of comments lately (mainly from my dad) about how I seem to always wear a beanie in my blog pics. Now come on, I definitely do not hate my hair, I actually LOVE it and feel lucky to never really have to worry about it. In the cold seasons however, a beanie A: keep me warm, and B: seems to always complete a layered look or add that perfect edge I constantly seek out. Guess you haters have to suck it up til Spring - oh, and the same goes for sunnies!


Saint Laurent

Wearing: YSL Shirt - look-a-like | Nom De Plume Skirt | Helmut Lang Jacket | Shop Jeen Sunnies | Blue&Cream Beanie | Theysken's Theory Booties - Similar

Due to the no-longer-in-existence classic YSL t shirt, I linked you guys to an Etsy vendor who probably just irons it on himself. But wait - shouldn't it just be a simple SL - or would then people confuse you for supporting one of NYC's pop mad bottles clubs SL. We wouldn't want that. Saint Laurent is still the classic but now more edgy brand we have always loved. I wonder, why do people choose to splurge on a Christian Louboutin pump just to show off the red sole? In my opinion, a class Saint Laurent pump (like so) is the trés chic way to go. 


Shaggy Me

Wearing: Clover Canyon Pants | PinkyYotto Jacket (in stores on East 9th st) | Theyskens' Theory Booties - Similar | Urban Outfitters Sunnies

And she does it again! I can officially put another successful thrifting adventure on my belt - and walk home for Vintage Valley (what I like to call the East Village) with a smile. Hitting up one of my favorites yesterday, Tokio7, I discovered these amazing Theyskens' shoes I had coveted for quite some time now (and for a nice little discount too). Lucky me, they were my size {duh}. I was thinking though, if I didn't ALWAYS (and I mean always) have the best luck with vintage/thrift shopping, maybe I wouldn't love it as much. My friends never really loved it until the day I took them out with me... Who's next? 


Dark Dressing

Wearing: H&M Top (in stores now) | Mango Leather Pants | ACNE Boots | All Saints Beanie

New arrival from H&M round 2 - mesh edition. So I was thinking, can goth be chic? When I put on this outfit to snap some pics, my photographer told me I looked...dark {gasp}. Now that's the last thing I was going for and ever thought I'd hear come out of someones mouth when describing my style. Obviously I don't always dress in all black, and maybe the netted top didn't help. However, dark dressing is the essence of NYC edge so let's just say it works.