Insta Friends

graphic by Kristyn 

What began as a normal Sunday night at Goldbar, quickly turned into my first encounter with an Insta Friend... It was long overdue and much anticipated: this was a familiar feeling, one I may have felt a few years back over a Facebook friend. "OMG I can't believe it's actually you, it's about time we met!" I screamed of sheer joy at first sight. She was exactly how I imagined her to be, in all of her (for lack of a better word) fashionable glory. My acquaintance responded the same, and we bantered back and forth about how obsessed we were with each other's style. We had seen the likes, read the comments, and had screen-shot only the best for outfit inspiration.

So, shall we define it?

Insta Friend
          a person you are "friends" with on Instagram, but do not actually know

Now like all other terms, there are exceptions to this definition. For example, my insta friend was a mutual one I had known for a while now (since high school), and she knew me. Of course it sounds creepy, but that's social media these days. Everyday if the instagrammer chooses to do so, we are given an inside look into that persons life, as if we were right there beside them. Where they are, what they're wearing, eating, buying, and so on. So although we sort of knew each other outside the Instagram realm, we were none the less...insta friends. It happens to the best of us. We click to follow, quickly become obsessed, and suddenly feel like we really know the person! With over 48,000 Instagram followers (and counting), I'll randomly run into that girl on the street who knows what I wore yesterday and what I ate for dinner, who will think of me as a friend. And guess what, I couldn't be more okay with that.

Come on guys, let's be friends... @weworewhat


  1. I have been following your instagram for a while and always enjoy your updates! cute post xx


  2. so true...how social media and the instant gratification has changed the way we live and make friends!
    just found you and love your posts.

  3. Even though I would have loved to live in the sixties or days of Coco Chanel, I wouldn't trade social media or the times we live in for any any anything!!!

    -Lauren at adorn la femme

  4. Love this post...and def consider you one of my insta friends! Love your style and how you put basics together with great statement pieces. Keep the good ootd coming! Xx Lisa

  5. You really made me curious. Who is your Insta Friend??



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