We: The New York City trend-setters, downtown hipsters, uptown socialites, fashion school scholars, head-turning villages, and deal-making shoppers; in order to form a more perfect union, pledge to share fashion from every sector of our city with you. 

I'm Danielle, and I'm also a little bit of, well, all of the above. Fashion blogging has always been a ridiculous obsession of mine, and NYC is my playground. We Wore What is a personal style blog and my personal fashion diary. I created it to provide a daily dose of outfit inspiration from every corner of this city - and now I highlight my personal style as well as my experiences in this city that never sleeps (sometimes I don't sleep with it). I'm a freelance stylist, writer, and consultant. 

brief bio written about me:

Danielle Bernstein is a New York City native, major league thriftier, and true entrepreneur. In September 2011 she began photographing street style on campus at the Fashion Institute of Technology (where she attends school). The street style blog quickly grew and so did Danielle's klout throughout the fashion industry. Taking a new direction after Fall New York Fashion Week 11', WE WORE WHAT began focusing on Danielle's personal style. "I aim to provide my readers with a daily lookbook of outfit inspiration," she says, always looking to her followers for support and advice. When not blogging, Danielle is taking advantage of everything this city has to offer. Whether it's vintage shopping in Brooklyn, trips to the MET, or out and about the nightlife scene, she's always keeping busy. The fashion blogger has taken leaps towards her career goals the way bargain shoppers do at a sample sale.