Hailing Hands

Zara Top
Rag & Bone Jeggings
Vintage Fur Vest - Similar
Aldo Boots

Had lunch with my dad today as he decided to try out his photography skills. "Go hail a cab for us" he told me... little did I know he was sneaking in photo #1. He then coined the term "Hailing Hands."
My outfit consists of this amazing fur vest I found in Wisconsin of all places, and a Zara top that is no longer  available. Always love all black with a little pop of color.


Fashion Networks

Elin Kling, Dani Leigh & Christian Remrod

Theory FNO Tee (no longer available)
Dolce Vita Booties

Isabel Marant Booties 

Christian, Elin and I after a meeting this morning at the Soho Grand Hotel. Can't for the US launch of Elin's new clothing line NOWHERE!! I'm off to Michigan for the weekend, so stay tuned for more on Monday.


Happy Days

 Dani (me)
Gap Leather Pants
David Lerner Tee
Wanted Shoes Flats
Shearling Jacket- Similar

I look overly happy here. Maybe it's because it was supposed to rain today, which it did as I walked to class... and now it's a beautiful, happy day. 


Closet Finds

Dani (mwa)
Equipment Military Blouse
Vintage Sweater
Paige Skinny Jeans
Sunglasses from Beacons Closet
Urban Outfitter Oxfords -now they go on sale :/
Can someone tell me why my feet are positioned like that in the second pic? Awkward... Anyway, Beacons Closet recently opened another store around the corner from my apartment, CHA CHING. Found these sunglasses there for $12, and bought a couple of comfy over-sized sweaters too. You should go. Oh, and these jeans are absolutely worth it.


Size Matters

Dani (me, again)
Levi Shorts from Urban Outfitters - unique to store
Michael Stars Top
Sam Edelman Booties

Looks like were not letting go of the warm weather just yet, it was gorgeous out today in NYC and I was taking full advantage! Funny thing about the Levi shorts at Urban Outfitters- been searching for the perfect pair all summer and was never able to find one that fit just right, I'll never understand how the sizing works for these guys. Anyway, two weeks ago in 50 degree weather, I came across the perfect pair and couldn't say no.


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Contrast Works

 Dani (me, duh)
Vintage BarneysNY Blazer - modern version
Urban Outfitters Pants | Boots
 TopShop Tee

Hey, so uh this is me. Bought this blazer/jacket from a thrift store for $7.00 last week- this morning I looked at the label and it said BarneysNY, and made in Italy! Is that a find or what?! 
Btw- everyone needs a contrast jacket for Fall, I suggest leather and denim or trench.. like this!

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