Raw unseen footage from the "off camera" life of... alright well it's not that serious. But, here are some pics of outfits I've been wearing when I wasn't planning on being a "blogger" and was just being Danielle. Which brings me to a point that's come up a lot lately, how/when to turn it off. Turn it off? Yes, how to put down the Iphone, resist checking Instagram, and be in the moment with friends and family. There's a time and a place people and as a fellow blogger with blogger friends, I know we can sometimes get caught up in it all. Keeping it real is what I strive for.. be organic baby.

Anyways, the first set of pics from my Iphone is from this Saturday on yet another thrifting adventure. A lot of you have been asking me the best place to thrift shop in the city, so here's a little list (I'll make a more detailed post soon)...
Beacon's Closet 10 West 13th Street (and in Brooklyn)
Buffalo Exchange332 East 11th Street | 114 West 26th Street
Angela's Vintage Boutique - 330 E. 11th st
Local Clothing328 E. 9th St.
Housing Works157 East 23rd St | 320 W 13th St # 4 | 743 East 9th Street
Daha Vintage175 Orchard st
Metropolis - 43 Third Avenue
Screaming Mimi's - 382 Lafayette st. 

Second outfit is at the Marc by Marc Jacobs event I co-hosted at Saks earlier this week with People Style Watch fashion director Kate Dimmock. I'm wearing all Marc by Marc and loving it. Outfit post with more pics from the event coming soon as well. 

Last but not least, a quick visit to Opening Ceremony and #twinning with my dude Kadeem.  


  1. Such a good point! I'm newer to the blogging scene but I find it is so addictive to get caught up in it all! Dinners are a must "turn off" moment for me! Now, I like to take pictures of my food more than I like to admit, but I take a picture as soon as I sit down and then set my phone out of reach. I don't even post the picture to instagram until after I'm done eating and visiting! But I love how dinners and other meals can be catch up moments with friends or family and I don't want to ruin that by trying to make my online friends feel like they are with me. I like to be present :) Great snapshots here :)

  2. amazing jacket!


  3. loving the looks!

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  4. I absolutely love all of the looks!


  5. Just moved to ny, can't wait to check these out!

  6. Love this. Not taking yourself so seriously is really respectable.

    Where the heck is that maroon long blazer thing from? Puh-lease don't tell me it's vintage. I want it so so so badly.



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