Cat Eyes

Wearing: Topshop Shorts - Similar | Necessary Clothing Top - Similar | H&M Clutch | Shop Jeen Sunnies 

Can't get enough of these of cat-eyed sunnies I picked up from Shop Jeen showroom the other day. So what if I kind of look like I'm from space or get weird looks in the street? I like em. Check out Shop Jeen for more affordable and adorable sunnies along with some pretty sick jewelry/accessories. I'm off to Denver, Colorado tomorrow for the BarIII flea tour round 3 (yeah that rhymed). Come see me if you happen to live there. 


  1. I love your sunglasses and the clutch is amazing. I'm craving for metallics this summer :))
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    Brigitte@Fashion Chopper

  2. i need those shades!! they're so amazing, and not alien like at ALL (well kinda, but i'm clearly biased). Also, I like how you dressed down this whole look with them all stars

  3. fantastic clutch!


  4. AnonymousMay 31, 2012

    Hello! I am a fashion blogger in Denver and am very excited to meet you! How fun! We never have many visitors pass through here! I am inviting my readers to visit you and Bar III Flea this weekend! Hope you love sunny Colorado as much as I do- I am partial as a native. :) See you soon! www.fashionfolio.wordpress.com

  5. Can't believe that envelope clutch is from H&M! Lovely

  6. Great sunglasses, shots and clutch


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