Time Out

Wearing: The Addison Story Shorts & Top | Sam Edelman Booties | JCrew Bracelet | Versace for H&M Ring | Vintage Sunglasses - Similar

So this is definitely my favorite outfit I've worn in a while. From the colors to prints to cutouts and that small ruffle detail, it's close to perfection. And hello, have you seen how great this roof is? I live on the 9th floor, and we only have 9 floors in my building, so the roof is right above me. I've been finding it so nice to walk up there and take a "time out" from my busy day and clear my head. Which brings me to a suggestion for all bloggers out there - staring at your computers for way too many hours without taking a break is SO NOT the way to go. IFB recently did an article on 10 Secrets of Super Productive Style Bloggers that has some other great tips too.

Also - by the time you read this I'll be on a plane to ARUBA, yes!


  1. Love your shorts!

  2. this bog used to be so much better. it was a really cool concept when you frist came up with it. then it became all about you. you should change it back. for some reason you think your a model and your not. sorry toots

  3. love the cutout shorts

    xx maggie

  4. I'm obsessed w/ olive green - so obviously my obsession applies to this outfit as well.

    Your style is impeccable (in my opinion).

    I also adore your hair. I'd love to know what exactly you asked for at the salon. "Ombre"? I want mine exactly like that.


  5. fantastic shorts!


  6. you're right, this outfit is perfect. and so are you! I love everything about it!



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