These Friends of Mine

Wearing: The Addison Story Shorts & Top | ASOS Cuffs | Vintage Sunglasses - Similar | Express Collar

Finally! My roof has been fixed and I can have all the access I want to a 360 view of downtown Manhattan. For the next few days I'll be posting a series of pictures I took featuring pieces from The Addison Story Spring collection. This was actually the last picture I took this day and so of course my trusty side-kicks jumped in for a few shots. You've met Kelsey before from Fashion Ace, and this is Freddy from Blue Perk who has been taking many of my pics lately. SO this is us, being us. Oh how I love these friends of mine.  


  1. Love the detail of those shorts! Cutouts are on fire right now.

  2. Love your outfit and the ones of your friends!!

  3. Really love the whole outfit. The cut in the middle of the shirt highlights the cool fit and pattern of the shorts.

    - Gabrielle


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