Oh, Sandy

Wearing: Minusey Sweatshirt | LF Pants | Daha Vintage Boots 

Sandy can't stop me from blogging, well, maybe she can. Last night around 8:30pm we lost electricity, as well as our lively hood (or so we thought). 40% battery on my Iphone meant soon there would be no Instagram, Twitter, GOOGLE for crying out loud! Looking outside our windows on Grand and West Broadway - all we could see was the water rising over 3 feet and a blackout throughout lower Manhattan. I guess this storm wasn't too hyped up, it was the real deal. Sandy came and went overnight, but left a disgusting smell in her path, and loads of crap for us to clean up the next day. On a more serious note, Sandy has truly devastated so many people in New York and surrounding communities. It's crazy to think that homes have been washed away... It's our job as fellow New Yorkers to help out those in need. This hurricane has directly affected thousands of people that are now left with nothing. The power is still out (and may be for a few more days) so for now I'm posting up at my boyfriend's moms place uptown 'gasp'. It's crazy how many simple things we take for granted, like lights - duh. The candles were pretty nice though and romantic too. So for now, here's a quick outfit post to keep you guys from killing me while I'm here on the Upper West Side. I'm not sure leather and beanies are the norm up here.

Btw, how great is this Balenciaga esqué sweatshirt - love getting the look for less, don't you?


  1. fantastic jumper!


  2. Love this! Wishing I could rock a look like that! :)


  3. Ok serious this sweatshirt is the best thing I have ever seen! I'm sorry to hear about the devestation in NYC, you guys are practically under water out there. My heart + prayers go out!!

    xx, alexia > In The Meantime

  4. you live right by where I work and we haven't been able to get back to the office all week. glad to hear your safe! Love the sweatshirt


  5. Amazing!!! I love your sweater and all the rest :)


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