Spring Vibes

Wearing: Zara Jeans | Zara Blouse | INC Collar | Brooklyn Charm Necklace
Happy holidays to everyone who celebrated this weekend! I wore this outfit home for my passover cedar yesterday and was loving the softness and Spring vibe it gave off. Zara has been killing it lately with their Spring collections - the blouses are suddenly studded, made in awesome new colors, and new fun prints. I  went shopping the other day and bought a ton of new pieces that I can't wait to share! To make room for my newest additions I took away my desk and added an exposed closet unit with two racks. Trust me, this was a big deal. Spring is here people, time for a wardrobe change. 

PS - I made this bullet and skull necklace at Brooklyn Charm in Williamsburg. Such a cool place that I definitely suggest making the trip for.

On my arms today and most days are these adorable pieces from Wanderlust & Co. I love how delicate and simple these bracelets are - and, if you check out their site you'll see how affordable everything is too! 


  1. I adore this outfit, so simple and so cute.

    xo Joana

  2. fun color! love the jeans!


  3. The yellow pants are a perfect yellow.

  4. So jealous. Need a Zara near me.

    Can barely glimpse the purse, but loving the color of the leather. You should do a close up of it and say where it's from!



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