Billboards for Brands

I've been deep in thought the past few days... Partly over personal things in my life, and mainly over my blog and the blogging industry. The blogging industry - isn't it crazy we can call it that, an industry? When The New York Times article was published, Who Am I Wearing? Funny You Should Ask, I felt a sense of pride. Look at us, being acknowledged by The Times as major influencers, style beacons, and billboards for brands. I then went on to my daily blog reading and found myself captivated by Leandra's words in her most recent post An Afterthought. In it, the Man Repeller addressed the effect of street style and street style photographers on fashion goers. Do we get dressed for ourselves or the people who are watching us? A question that has always been present, but just recently brought to surface with the evident authority bloggers have on consumers and press. "Street style isn't street-centric anymore, it's a string of calculated outfitting chronicles that every so ofter register somewhat contrived." I like this statement, and hate it because it's mostly true. Reading on to the comment portion of this post, I found something interesting by a girl named Hannah. She commented that it seemed like we were challenging the ideology of "pics or it didn't happen," which is really something that started with the growth of Facebook (in my opinion). I'd like to think this is partly due to something I myself suffer from, FOMO (fear of missing out). But let's call this one FOOMO (fear of others missing out). It's the fear of others missing out on our outfits, our great style, and our potential fame. This is really something we (and I mean I) must get over before it saturates the blogging industry and causes something so organic to become even more of a "business" than it already is. "We love fashion because it provoke an emotion without our knowing, but when you contrive that emotion, the fashion doesn't matter anymore. Being known matters." Let's keep it real guys.  


  1. Great post, I really liked the way you reinvented the FOMO, and it's so true.

    This blog is great as it is, so don't give it up just because of that fear!


  2. I completely agree with you. I feel like most (if not almost every) bloggers these days dress to impress others. Sometimes I look at their outfits thinking, ok, I do not think she walked out of her house and carried on with the rest of her day wearing all of THIS lol. I myself try to keep it real. I put on what I to wear today, if have time, I took pictures of it, then I went on to work or about my days....
    Keep up the good work girl!

  3. adorable crop top!


  4. Well said...it's the reason I don't blog about fashion much even though I love it. I don't have the age, body or budget to keep up with it all.

    I am an avid blog reader and although I can appreciate great photography and professional site layouts I stop reading once I feel a blogger is all about freebies and recognition. You can feel when the passion leaves a blog. I have no objection to bloggers making money and becoming known but I still want to hear their voice and feel there is an appreciation for the art and personal expression behind fashion.

    There has been much to do lately about blogs being authentic. I feel a blog is just one aspect of a person, particularly when you blog in one genre or a niche. If you are always wearing heels in your blog, I don't think for one minute think you never have on rolled up sweats and a tank. So I don't necessarily think bloggers have to lay out all their secrets or messy parts of their life. But...they shouldn't fear anyone seeing the not so perfectly planned out bits either.

  5. I think this is my favourite post yet. It's real. I got introduced to the world of blogging quite recently, long after everyone else had caught on, I watched Julie and Julia and loved the idea of having a project and documenting your progress, your passion and trying to connect. Isn't that what it's all about? xx

  6. A very good read. I do like to think Social Media has it's pros and cons but I guess the important part is how you deal with it. :) Best post I've read for a very long time.


  7. miranda roseSeptember 17, 2012

    d. what a great post. i'm so sorry i haven't told you this enough, but i really am so proud of you. you are seriously talented and every time i visit your blog i am always impressed. i'm going to text you this soon, but right now i'm in class and just had to let you know. i wish you so much love and luck in your future. your creativity and beauty is inspiring.

    x's and o's

  8. I couldn't agree more. When I saw MR's post about it, I knew exactly what she was talking about.


  9. This is a really good post! I completely agree with this. You should wear what YOU like, not what others want to see. And I think it's okay to have an 'off' day, too. So what if you go to a quick trip to the supermarket in sweatpants? I don't think that should be a problem, to some it is. I'm not saying I don't care about how I look, because I do, but not 24/7. Give yourself a break, nobody's perfect.


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