Sunday Funday

Wearing: Work Custom Pants | All Saints Tee | Topshop Scarf | Vintage Sunglasses | Deena&Ozzy Shoes

So yesterday was, well, perfect. The weather was amazing and the fun in Sunday Funday was definitely there. I went out to lunch with fabulous Freddy, his boyfriend, and my boyfriend Max (above). It wasn't just any ordinary lunch though, it was brunch on West Broadway at Diva, and there was house music. Now - that's a good time. Time to start a busy week of blogging, photo shoots, video shoots, lunches, events, and did I say blogging? Duh

PS- I received a request to do a post on the sunglasses I wear (since I love hiding behind them haha) and I will, but for now, all of them are basically from vintage stores a.k.a. Beacon's Closet and Buffalo Exchange. TBC...


  1. you are adorable, I think I would like every outfit on you :)


  2. Great outfit for a some Sunday Funday! You look cute. Brunch and house music does sound like a good time! I'm going to have to check that place out soon.

  3. Love this look!
    from which brand is the bag??
    lovely as always ;)

  4. Fun Sundays are the best, i love your relaxed look here!
    in dramatic fashion

  5. Love love love your sunglasses and I will most definitely be checking out Diva when I move to NY next week.

  6. Love that you included the All Saints Tee.. a lot of your looks include basics like this and as you probably know sometimes finding the basic tee with just the right fit can be way more challenging than it should be!


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