Cirque du soleil

Wearing: H&M Pants | Vintage Jacket- Similar | Deena&Ozzy Oxfords

Today I shot a video commercial for Remi&Emmy handbags. I played the role of an uptown girl - and got to wear a bunch of bright colors. It was really fun, especially because I never usually dress the way I did for the shoot (I think I like acting). Once I receive the behind-the-scenes photo's I'll definitely do a post about it. We shot in Bryant Park, which is where the pictures above were taken. I actually got to ride this carousel and felt like a little kid again, yes - I was grinning ear to ear for the whole ride. I really like the vintage feel to the first pic (props to me for editing it haha) and thought this background went perfectly with my vintage jacket from Beacon's Closet. Have a good day! 


  1. such cute, fun photos! :) i really love your pants, too :)


  2. awesome outfit! You are working those pants!

  3. can 't wait to see the photos, i love the relaxed classic look of these pants
    in dramatic fashion

  4. So, as it turns out, I'm slightly obsessed with your blog. Great jacket, great high-waisted harem pants, fabulous footwear, as always.

  5. I really really do not want to sound rude with this! but it's "Cirque du soleil" :$
    I ADORE that outfit though! Those pants are amazing!



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