Layer Down

Zara Jeans 
BCBG Jacket - Similar
Vintage Vest - Similar
Andrew Marc Vest - Similar

Fashion week is over, and my life has finally slowed down (a bit). There will always be shows at the tents and star-studded events, but its the little things that keep going, like pottery! Yes pottery- today I spent my morning painting a mug and when I tell you it was therapeutic, I mean it. On a side note, can you guys believe that it's supposed to be the dead of winter here in NYC? The weather has been way too nice for this time of year, hence my layer upon layer in this post or lack there of. 


  1. I love your layering here. Each element works on its own, while contributing to the entire look. I found your blog via the Refinery29 competition and now I'm hooked! x

  2. I'm also in NY and really, I can't complain about this weather. But it makes me nervous that we won't really have a spring either...
    Love the layering. You kind of have to since who knows if it's going to be 50 or 20 degrees.


  3. I love the jacket with the leather sleeves! It looks even better with the fur on top! and like always your arm party is out of control!! ;-)

  4. I absolutely love the studded bangles you have on..where can I get them?


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