Visiting Prep Showroom

Boulee Pants and Top
WorkCustom Pants and Jacket | Lauren Moshi Top
Woodleigh Dress
Woodleigh Skirt | Boulee Top
Gold Hawk Top and Pants
Workcustom Pants | Gold Hawk Top
 After a busy busy day, I was the given the opportunity to let loose in fashion heaven. Kara, one of the owners of Prep Showroom invited me to come play in their amazing showroom in NYC. Gold Hawk, Boulee, Michael Lauren, Lauren Moshi, Workcustom, and Woodleigh were at my disposal tonight as I toured Spring 2012 and put together some looks of my own. Favorite piece of the night- without a doubt the Workcustom leather pants that were SO comfortable! Already ordered a pair of my own. The girls at Prep were super nice and helpful, but my partner-in-crime Jess (who you will meet shortly) was the real super-star of the day. LOVE YOU<3 After my visit, it became apparent that my dress for New Years Eve this year would come from the obvious choice for any sexy-night-out dress, Boulee. All of these brands can be found on Singer22 - I'll also be attending the grand opening of their new store S22 this Thursday (oh ya, that'll be a post)! Check out all of brands in Prep Showroom here.


  1. hope they let you keep all that stuff, bc not many others are gonna make it look as good

    -He approves

    Fashion by He

  2. I loved your first and second outfit, looks really good on you

    xxx http://nordicstorms.blogspot.com/


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