Versace for H&M

Usually don't do this type of post- but guess where I went last night? Versace for H&M Fashion Show and Cocktail Party! It was amazing, and I owe it all to miss Elin Kling. 
Elin Kling
Terry Richardson and Elin Klin
Nina Garcia
Lindsey Wixson
Donatella Versace
Sofia Coppola, Blake Lively, and Donatella
It was the perfect evening, and a collection to-die-for. From a metallic disco dress to animal-prints-meets-tropical-sunset, Donatella Versace's line for H&M captures iconic moments in Versace history. At the runway show's closing, doors opened into a leopard print disco ballroom that just screamed "let's party"- so we did just that. A performance by Nicki Manaj, followed by Prince topped off an evening of glamor and fun. At the end of the night, a pop-up shop opened for an exclusive shopping experience of the new collection. I purchased a few tops from the line (which will be in outfit posts to come), they're edgy and awesome. 
Oh yeah, and here's one of Elin and me. I wasn't supposed to stay at the entire show, hence why I didn't dress accordingly (oh well).


  1. does d.versace have kankles?

  2. Wow! That is bananaz!!! Did you buy anything from the collection! I feel like what's so amazing about this collection is it's like a once in a lifetime type of purchase. What you get from this collection you will never have the chance to buy it again...well, unless Versace decides to team up with H&M again, but that won't be often if eva.



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